About Paula Payne

In the mid to late nineties I trained as a painter at the Queensland College of Art. I expanded my practice to large-scale installation, environmental works, curatorial roles and teaching. I spent 2006 /07/ 08 /09 in Beijing. During this time I was the assistant to special projects manager, Tony Scott of Red Gate Gallery. The role was to assist in a curatorial context and to network with artists and financial backers, these included DFAT, Australian Embassy Beijing and Red Gate Gallery. I extended the role by receiving Artist in Residence in Taiwan and working on exhibitions with the Taipei Arts University travelling exhibitions to and from Australia.

At present I am undertaking full time doctoral studies and have returned to painting at a very different time in my life and history. Technology and global discussions are strong influences on my work with a focus on the landscape- environment genre, that is one of the biggest concerns of this time.

I feel that the convoluted history of painting adds to the intrigue and challenge of painting in such unusual times. In my practice I trace the non-stop moving images from the internet and social media and capture a few as images that are worth remembering. The cause and effects of climate change and the sustainability of the planet always feature in the works albeit often in an abstract or mysterious way.

Artist statement

A-temporality in painting is evident at this time and of interest to me.

A-temporality is described as a super hybridity, a-temporality draws from all periods of history, creating a mix that does not define a sense of linier inquiry, yet stretches across time. In this context I feel that painting can draw on, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is also my feeling that the act of painting defines a complex problem, as time is not containable. Paradox and painting become complicit through an ongoing process of searching for new ways to represent and interpret imagery.

Narratives of the anxiety in contemporary times, and issues concerning climate change continue to infuse the content of my works, and as an artist I listen and trace events and history through imagery. Multiple layers are explored and are represented through imagery as a way of being in the world.

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