24 January – 10 February 2018

Webb Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane

Paula Payne (paintings) and Annique Goldenberg (sculptural installation)





Translations: Paula Payne and Annique Goldenberg

The rationale driving this exhibition is an engagement and investigation into the effects of human induced global warming on the environment. Both artists approach their investigations through materiality and conceptual processes that explore ways in which to visually respond to the subject matter. The meeting point for the two artists is through a genuine concern for the ethics of climate change on the environment.


Paula Payne; Weather Patterns

These works investigate ideas of global anxiety in response to ongoing research into the cause and effects of climate change. Throughout history landscape is viewed as a construction over time and place that continues to shift in shape and ideology. By engaging the landscape painting genre my intention is to consider, and extend existing conversations. Sublime painting and references to the void, seep into my compositions as an attempt to create a paradox. The natural world and human habitation have reached a fulcrum where in extreme weather events and shifting geologies produce cultural migrations effecting human communities on a mass scale, not to mention many day to day lives. 

Subject matter such as, thin ice, floods, precarious shifting lands and odd weather patterns are engaged as conversations of the present time. Images refer to the real and the imagined while local and global dimensions are explored. This series of blue paintings draws attention to our blue planet and the multiple futures we build for ourselves. One can only hope that being informed and spreading awareness can promote positive choices and change.